Using innovative solutions to deliver efficient, cost effective and sustainable renewable power to Nigeria

Our Business

As an Energy Service Company our objective is to design, develop and build efficient, cost effective solutions that provide appropriate returns on investment.

ASC Energy’s Focus

ASC Energy is an ethical developer of renewable energy projects and provider of energy solutions in Nigeria. As a growing renewable energy service, project management and consulting company, ASC Energy is a company focused on utilising innovative solutions to deliver efficient, cost effective and sustainable renewable power to Nigeria.

Our team, working in conjunction with our partners, focuses on developing both centralised utility scale solar projects injecting power into the grid and distributed captive power (DCP) projects injecting energy directly to commercial end users. DCP projects allow ASC Energy to design renewable mini-grid systems specifically for a commercial customers needs, reducing reliance on an under supplied and over burdened transmission network.

The abundance of solar irradiation in Nigeria, solar power generation solutions present a clear opportunity to aid the country plug the energy gap. In a country where there is an acute power shortage and where transmission of power is as much an issue as generation, renewable energy, particularly solar PV, presents fantastic opportunities for Nigeria and investors through both centralised and distributed projects.

Centralised Utility Scale Project Development

A key focus of ASC Energy’s business is developing centralised ground mount solar PV grid tied systems where the utility will act as the offtaker.

Distributed Captive Power Project Development

Distributed Captive Power (DCP) will compliment the centralised projects by now focusing on developing renewable power generation solutions directly to industrial customers.

Operation and Maintenance Services

O&M will be designed in to all our projects ensuring that we use the latest remote monitoring technologies to provide condition based monitoring ensuring the power plant is always producing power.

Consultancy Services – Energy Efficiency and Supply Chain

Whilst utilising this experience within all projects, ASC Energy will also offer additional consultancy services.

About US

Our Vision is to be the largest, most admired and successful renewable energy service companies in Nigeria

ASC Enterprise, as a technology company, was established in 1997, initially focused on facilitating the delivery of a web-enabled business asset management solutions for industrial-sector organisations. Our goal, from the outset, is to create mutual benefits for all our stakeholders by continuously lowering the cost of ownership of our solutions for our customers. Since 2011, ASC expanded our scope of activities in order to address one of most pressing needs of the Nigerian consumer (business and personal) – reliable clean energy. This approach is founded on our business structure and our core competencies: Engineering & Operational Excellence, Supply Chain Excellence, Relationship Management and Transparency.

  • Engineering and Operational Excellence
  • Supply Chain Excellence
  • Relationship Management
  • Transparency

Our Team

Dr Olaide Olaoye
Dr Olaide Olaoye
Chairman & CEO (PhD,CEng)
Dr Olaoye is a chartered engineer who has spent the last 34 years leading and supporting business and supply chain transformation activities across four industries – Oil & Gas, Automotive, Aerospace & Defence and Transportation. Dr Olaoye has maintained business interests in Nigeria since 1998.
Dr Taiwo Irinoye
Dr Taiwo Irinoye
Managing Director (MBBS)
A medical practitioner with 20 years experience in the NHS, Dr Irinoye has many years of experience operating in Nigeria through various investments in real estate, banking and insurance.
Dolapo Olaoye
Dolapo Olaoye
Commercial Director (MBA)
Following his MBA, Dolapo has numerous years of sales and marketing experience consulting with businesses focusing on value creation and delivering strong ROI.
Tunde Olaoye
Tunde Olaoye
Technical Director (BEng, CEng)
Tunde has 6 years experience in infrastructure and energy engineering, working across defence, commercial and education sectors.

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