Distributed Captive Power Projects

captive power solar system

While strong irradiation levels and a newly reformed feed in tariff provide substantial opportunities for utility scale projects customers still face challenges in receiving any of the additional power generated. 

This is in part due to two key factors:

  • The reforms for renewable energy are new and therefore the pace of implementing such changes is slow
  • The transmission network is over 40 years old in parts and therefore transmission losses are a huge problem in getting the power generated to the end customers

While both of those factors may impact the speed at which utility scale projects can be developed, the customer demand is very high. Therefore distributed captive power (DCP) solutions provided to financially robust commercial customers that negate the need for both the transmission network and regulatory bodies provide a fantastic complementary opportunity.

While being smaller, DCP projects will provide similar returns to the utility scale projects in a much faster development cycle. Once the first DCP project is complete, ASC Energy anticipate being able to use said project as a reference point and project large growth from the agricultural sector in Nigeria. 

Current Projects

700KW Hybrid Solar PV and Low Load Diesel Generator Plant for Poultry Production Company in Eruwa, Nigeria